Unit History: Guards Independent Parachute Company Parachute Regiment

Guards Independent Parachute Company Parachute Regiment
Household troops in the airborne forces from1940 in1946 the unit was  the Guards Parachute Battalion.
In 1948 it was formed into No1 Guards Ind Parachute Company.
The unit was made up from officers and men from the seven regiments of  the Household Division the name of the unit was 16th Guards Ind Pathfinder Company the end of1949  it was re named the 1st Guards Independent Company Parachute Regiment.
8 officers and 150 men serving in Germany, Cyprus, Egypt,  Ismailia Cyprus Suez Cyprus/Jordan Cyprus, Borneo, Kenya, Singapore/Hong Kong/Cyprus/Germany/Northern Ireland and Denmark.
The Company disbanded Oct 1975 the inauguration of the Guards Parachute Platoon was on May 2001 they are attached to 3rd Parachute Regiment.

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