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Unit History: Federal Regular Army

Federal Regular Army
This army was first known as the Aden Protectorate Levies as far back as the 1950s.
There were four battallions with another added during the sixties. Their title was then changed to the South Arabian Army then again to the Federal Regular Army.
I served with then from 1962-1963 and again from 1965-1967.
During the latter year all British troops were withdrawn after which all british military seconded personnel were also withdrawn. Some of us were then on standby to return as civillians but , the NLF did not want us.
After a while the russians moved in and closed everything down. I often wonder if some of the arab soldiers made it to England as I would like to meet them gain.
My medical knowledge was greatly enhanced even to treating an ox and a camel.
Sydney Carter
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Active From: 1950 - 1967

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