Unit History: Engineer Regiment

Engineer Regiment
21 Engineer Regiment are 4 Mechanised Brigade’s Close Support Engineer Regiment and are based in the town of Osnabruck, Germany.  The regiment consists of a Headquarters Squadron and three Armoured Engineer Squadrons:
   * 7 Headquarter Squadron
   * 1 Armoured Engineer Squadron
   * 4 Armoured Engineer Squadron
   * 73 Armoured Engineer Squadron
Recent Update
21 Engineer Regiment has just returned from an arduous yet thoroughly successful and rewarding tour of Iraq on Operation TELIC 11.  The unit deployed in November 07 and replaced 22 Engineer Regiment as the resident Joint Force Engineer Group along with an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) element from 33 Engineer Regiment.
The Regiment completed various complex and technical Engineering projects in theatre that will prove a real boon to the force protection of British soldiers serving in Iraq.
Concurrently to this deployment 1 Armoured Engineer Squadron deployed to British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) in Canada to carry out vital construction and maintenence of training facilities.
The future - what is planned
   * Various regimental adventure training packages and expeditions includng North Africa, Spain and Egypt.
   * New equipments, initiatives and trade training.
   * BATUS 09.

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