Unit History: RAOC Blackdown

RAOC Blackdown
1 Regular Training Battalion was the home of basic training for the RAOC.
4 Trade Training Battalion also in Blackdown was where some of the RAOC trades were taught.

Added on 11/04/2011

There were three, units in Blackdown in 1963. The RASC, I connot remember the name of their barracks, #1 Battalion of the RAOC in Alma Barracks and right next door was the Junior Leaders Battalion RAOC in Dettingen Barracks. the RASC was renamed during 1963-1966 to the RCT. The Junior Leaders have since been disbanded.

Memories of RAOC Blackdown

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAOC Blackdown, in 1953

Written by Brian Holmes

1 Reg Trg. Bn. January 1953. Basic Training. Big freeze up. No hot water. Practicaly no fuel for billet. Even the toilets, waste pipes and drains froze. On the day they decided to send us home - rail tickets about to be issued - the Big Thaw set in! All leave cancelled.

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