Unit History: Training Regiment - RCT

Training Regiment - RCT
12 Training Regiment RCT was created and opened for business at the new Buller Barracks, Aldershot in Nov 1969.  It was formed by way of a merger between 6 Driver Training Regiment RCT originally based at Houndstone Camp, Yeovil, Somerset and 11 Training Regiment RCT based at the ‘old’ Buller Barracks in Aldershot from July 1965 until 1967, when it was moved temporarily to Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Church Crookham, whilst Buller Barracks was demolished and rebuilt.
The newly created 12 Training Regiment RCT at Buller Barracks, Aldershot opened once again in Nov 1969 when it then fulfilled the role of the Depot Regiment, Recruit Training as well as the Driver Training function for soldiers of the RCT.
Later on it was restyled The Depot and Training Regiment RCT fulfilling the same role until the Driver Training function was absorbed into the Army School of Transport (ASMT) at Leconfield in East Yorkshire in 1977.
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