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Unit History: RAF Takali

RAF Takali
The station was home to a New Zealand squadron prior to 1955. In Jan 1956 the armament practice camp arrived, 8 meteor tugs, two Vampire T.11s, one meteor T7,in April the unit transferred to Habbaniya and then the APC disbanded and the crew were returned to Cyprus after Suez.

Added on 13/12/2010

1953 -55 was home to 78F/Wing RAAF who came in from japan very few RAF except those living @ TK and working at Wardia... and Dingli both being radar stations SU440 andSU203 Giving control and reporting to the Ditch AS it was called in Valletta and control to 78F/Wing A/C and those SQD.s that came in for exercises.
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