Unit History: Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron

Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron

Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron

4th Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron (204)
4th Armoured Brigade was formed as part of the Mobile Division Egypt in response to the Munich crisis of 1938. The Division changed name to the 7th Armoured Division in 1940 (the original Desert Rats). 4th Armoured Brigade left 7th Armoured Division in North Africa in 1943 for the Allied Invasion Force for Normandy. In June 1944 the Brigade landed in Normandy and was the first Brigade to cross the Rhine into Germany. After the surrender of Germany the Brigade returned to the United Kingdom and was disbanded in 1948.
In 1981 the Brigade was resurrected in Munster as part of the British Army on the Rhine. The Brigade deployed to the Gulf on Operation GRANBY in 1990/91 and was involved in the liberation of Kuwait. It moved to Osnabruck in 1991 to replace 12th Armoured Brigade as part of 1st (UK) Armoured Division.
204 Signal Squadron is an independent Squadron that provides the communications and administrative support for the Headquarters of 4th Armoured Brigade and the Commander. The Squadron is usually based in Osnabruck, North Germany and deployed to the FRY on 20th October 1995. The Squadron was formed in January 1993 from 12th Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron. On return from the Gulf War and under reorganisation of the Army, the unit was re-titled 4th Armoured Brigade and Signal Squadron.
The Squadron consists of two communications troops, which provides radio operators and manpower for two identical headquarters. Each headquarters contains the following cells for the Staff to work from; G3 Operations, G5 Plans, G6 Operations, Combat Systems Support Operations, Air Aviation, G2 Intelligence, ISTAR and space for attached units to the Headquarters such as Artillery and Engineers. These are supported by various Squadron detachments, which provide administrative support such as catering, accommodation, vehicle and radio repair.

Memories of Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

, , Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron, Korbecke Barracks in 1972

Written by John Whale

October 13 1972 arrived Soest Korbecke Barracks Room 13 Building 13, the start of many friendships, made some good friends, made some silly mistakes, lost some good friends Hey only young once
Having my car borrowed then told it was in a ditch, heay snow that night

Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron, in 2012

Rescuing a lonely soldier singing on the window ledge from the night guard

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