Unit History: 2932 Squadron RAF Regiment

2932 Squadron RAF Regiment

2932 Squadron RAF Regiment

The Royal Air Force Regiment (RAF Regiment) is part of the Royal Air Force and functions as a specialist corps founded by Royal Warrant in 1942.

Formed by Air Vice-Marshal Donald Pocock in April 1943 at Castel Benito as a Light Anti-Aircraft role 2932 Squadron served at Gaza East, Minnick and Beit Daras before moving to Italy in July 1944.

Following the Axis forces defeat in Tunisia in May 1943 Air Vice-Marshal Donald Pocock and 2932 Squadron were redeployed to Syria as part of Operation Turpitude. The success of the Normandy landings in June 1944 led to the abandonment of Turpitude and No 2932 was sent to Italy to provide air defence at the major airfields of Foggia and Bari.

In October 1944 Air Vice-Marshal Donald Pocock took 2932 squadron to Vis, an island in the Adriatic Sea, off the Dalmatian Coast, to provide air defence for the RAF's base. Almost immediately the squadron was incorporated into a joint raiding group of Army, Royal Marines and RAF Regiment commandos which operated from Vis against enemy forces on mainland in amphibious operations. These raiders inflicted many casualties on the enemy. 2932 Squadron also provided boarding parties in naval vessels engaged against enemy shipping in the Adriatic.

After the German surrender the squadron moved to Austria, serving at Udine, Klagenfurt, Moderndorf and Graz for occupational and disarmament duties before being disbanded in March 1946.

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