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Unit History: RAF Hereford

RAF Hereford Royal Air Force Hereford was opened in June 1940 by the formation of No. 11 School of Technical
Training, which remained there until 1947 and was joined from 1942 to 1946 by the School of
Torpedo Maintenance. Although never an operational flying station, it was responsible for training
the airmen who were to keep the aircraft in the air, providing airframe and engine fitters for
Bomber Command’s Halifaxes and Lancasters and for Fighter Commands Hurricanes and
Spitfires. It also provided torpedo experts for the torpedo bombers of Coastal Command. R.A.F.
Hereford therefore made a major contribution to the war effort. At the same time, other units on
the Station, notably No. I Aircrew Officers’ School (1944-47) and the R.A.F. School of
Administration and Accounting (1944-1948), also played an important role.
Sadly, the Station finally closed it’s doors to RAF training in 1999 when it was taken over by the Army.

Added on 13/10/2010

One other unit that was at Hereford was the NCO Command School. This provided training for future Sgts & Cpls in general service training. The school eventually was transfered to RAF Halton, probably when RAF Hereford closed?

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Memories of RAF Hereford

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Hereford 3 School of T.T in 1965

Written by Mike Thomas

303rd entry Supplier General 1965-1966

RAF Hereford 320 entry in 1971

Written by Bill Almen

Have many memories (good & bad!) of life as a brat. Recently found load of old photo's which will be happy to email from any ex member. Trying to plan a reunion so if you are reading this please get in touch asap. 'You boy' - good old 'uncle' eddie rudge - now theres a memory or two!!!

RAF Hereford, 305 Entry App Admin in 1966

Written by Philip Barclay

Meeting up with all the other 16/17 yearolds who didn’t know what they had let themselves into, but we all had a great time in training, although we didn’t always think so at the time.

Raf Hereford in 1971

Written by Roy Byron Thomas

While in Supply Training at Hereford in 1971/72 I used to spend some happy evenings at The Travellers Rest in Stretton Sugwas. The landlord then used to sell Cider from under the bar also my dominoes playing was greatly improved by the help of a blind local chap. Not bad going for someone who had not long turned 17 and was serving his first year for the Queen.

RAF Hereford, in 1964

Written by Ian Brushneen

I suppose I will always remember playing in the band for RAF Hereford at the Royal Tournament in 1964.
Other happy memories are playing football, hockey, rugby or cricket for different Stations.

Forces Reunited Forum Posts Involving RAF Hereford

"There must be someone out there who was like me a member of the 51ST entry Boy Entrant Cooks (RAF Hereford) who joined up in January 1964.I have met very few of my colleagues over the years and I would patrticularily like to contact Dave Rowley, Jim Neale and anyone else. "
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"I am looking for Wraf friends who joined up in October 1970 in F Flight, especially Ann, Penny, Sandy Leroy, and Patsy who trained as a cook at RAF Hereford in 1971 who married Dod Cowie an Apprentice from Scotland. All were training as cooks with me at Hereford, I would love to get in touch with any of them."
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"  These are all my mates from RAF Stafford and RAF Hereford. They are Christine Moody Marylin Summers Sandie (last names gone) Ann Jenkins Billie Mel Turner Cpl Ian McKenzie Sgt Jolly There is a lot more but I cant remember there names if any one can remember these please let me know   Last edited by Patricia Partridge Last edited by Patricia Partridge"
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"Hi Jannet,I was at Spitalgate in 1970 B & D flight i was taken ill with conjuctavitus and put back two weeks. after that i went to Raf Hereford for trade training, cant remember the block I was in at spitalgate,see you later patsy "
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"can no one help me trace alan i joined up with him 1978 raf swinderby went on to raf hereford i was supply and movements and he went into catering/stewerd he was married to maureen i went to his wedding he also had a younger sister ,he loved elvis music the last station i new he was on was raf abingdon. please help if you can : "
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