Unit History: RAF Hereford

RAF Hereford
Royal Air Force Hereford was opened in June 1940 by the formation of No. 11 School of Technical
Training, which remained there until 1947 and was joined from 1942 to 1946 by the School of
Torpedo Maintenance. Although never an operational flying station, it was responsible for training
the airmen who were to keep the aircraft in the air, providing airframe and engine fitters for
Bomber Command’s Halifaxes and Lancasters and for Fighter Commands Hurricanes and
Spitfires. It also provided torpedo experts for the torpedo bombers of Coastal Command. R.A.F.
Hereford therefore made a major contribution to the war effort. At the same time, other units on
the Station, notably No. I Aircrew Officers’ School (1944-47) and the R.A.F. School of
Administration and Accounting (1944-1948), also played an important role.
Sadly, the Station finally closed it’s doors to RAF training in 1999 when it was taken over by the Army.

Added on 13/10/2010

One other unit that was at Hereford was the NCO Command School. This provided training for future Sgts & Cpls in general service training. The school eventually was transfered to RAF Halton, probably when RAF Hereford closed?

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