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Unit History: 106 AA Brigade HQ

106 AA Brigade HQ
1943 - based at Bickley Nr Bromley the Commanding Officer Brigadier C.I.V.Jones. Controlled 157 AAOR & 5 Regts Heavy & Light. Embarked from the East India docks Ldn. Landed D plus 7 GOLD beach. Unit advanced through France, Belgium, Holland, Ardennes and then Germany. The unit advanced too far over the prearranged point & stopped at Ludwigslust PALACE OF MECKLENBURG  "Rescued" the DUKE.
The Unit sent him on wing of tractor towing 2 containers over to BUCKINGHAM PALACE. Signalman Harold Thomas Ward actually took his Mercedes back to Hamburg destined for Londnn but he doubts whether it arrived.
Russians then took over-as we moved out they moved in-when we stopped they also stopped. They then of course formed the border which eventually became the IRON CURTAIN.
The unit then moved up to Hamburg (on Elbchaussee) where it was eventually disbanded.

Added on 29/11/2010

The Duke did not reach Buckingham Palace. He was a high rank in Nazi Party. He died on 17 November 1945 in Flensburg, having been arrested by No.6 RAF Security Section on 9 November 1945 as a fugitive Nazi. He died 8 days after he was arrested.
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Active From: Unknown - 1946

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