Unit History: Ghain Tuffieha Malta (RAOC)

Ghain Tuffieha Malta (RAOC)
The Camp was established in 1915 to provide hospital beds for the casualties expected from the Dardanelles Expedition. Malta is some 850 miles from the Dardanelles theatre, at the time a ten to twelve day return trip, so in the first instance it does not seem the most practical arrangement.
At the outbreak of the War the island had less than 500 hospital beds, during the planning stages of the campaign it was decided that 3,000 beds should be established. At the end there were over 20,000 beds.
Treatment had been received by over 2,000 Officers and 55,000 other ranks by the time of withdrawal. Ghain Tuffieha, was one of two tented Convalescent Camps for other ranks, the other being at All Saints.
Officers were housed at Dragonara and Verdala Palace

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