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Unit History: Apprentice Entry

Apprentice Entry
The Army Apprentices School, Harrogate (AAS Harrogate), established in 1947, was sited either side of Penny Pot Lane, outside Harrogate ... utilising Uniacke and Hildebrande Barracks. The School was renamed the Army Apprentices College, Harrogate (AAC Harrogate) in 1966 (in line with other such establishments) and thus remained so until its eventual closure after the Final Graduation Parade on 2 August 1996.
In 1968 under the stewardship of S/Sgt Alan Dobison the AAC Harrogate football team became the 1st AAC team to retain the Army AAC’s FA Cup. In a thrilling final in 1967 they defeated Phillips Sqn of Harrogate 7 - 6 in a mud bath after being 6 - 1 down at half time. In 1968 they defeated AAC Arborfield 2 - 1 in another exciting final. A feat which was remarkable because Harrogate "lost" 8 members of the 1967 team who had passed out from the College.
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Active From: 1947 - 1996

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