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Unit History: 22 Engineer Regiment

22 Engineer Regiment
Based at Swinton Barracks in Perham Down, near Tidworth, 22 Engineer Regiment provides Engineer Close Support to 1 Mechanized Brigade.
The Regiment consists of the following units:
   * 6 Headquarters and Support Squadron.
   * 3 Armoured Engineer Squadron.
   * 5 Armoured Engineer Squadron.
   * 52 Armoured Engineer Squadron.
   * REME Light Aid Detachment.
Each Armoured Engineer Squadron provides close engineer support with Titan and Trojan Armoured Engineer vehicles and Combat Engineer sections.  More specialised capabilities are held in the Headquarters and Support Squadron, such as Reconnaissance, Design and Survey, Diving and Automotive Bridge Launching Equipment for the General Support Bridge.
The Regiment deployed to Iraq on Operation TELIC 4 and more recently TELIC 10, providing engineer support not only to its brigade but also to other coalition troops.  This included force protection in Basra Palace, camp infrastructure in Baghdad and many other tasks.  More recently the Regiment has deployed squadrons to Gibraltar on ceremonial duties, to Belize for trade training and construction tasks, and to Canada for collective training in the Armoured and Counter Insurgency roles.

Memories of 22 Engineer Regiment

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

22 Engineer Regiment, Kenya in 1996

Written by 3 Squadron

The whole tour in the game park in Kenya Including: The rains that flooded the dam we built. The 7ft Masi Mari guard stoned out of his tree. The CSM broken collar bone (sorry) Serving Wilderbeast donna kebabs and saying they were beef.... Golf, spider and snakes and lots of laughter... and don’t forget the live goats.....
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