Unit History: Air Despatch Squadron

Air Despatch Squadron
RASC Air Despatch Companies were first formed in March 1944 in order to make full use of the advantages that supply by air could bring to the army. It was in September that year, following the Arnhem Operation that the first insignia was authorised. This consisted of shoulder flashes depicting a golden Dakota on a dark blue background. The flashes were worn on the upper arms of Battledress (BDs) and Dennison Smocks. The Dakotas faced forward, and the one the left arm had a door showing in some versions. The Dakota is still worn today by 47 AD Sqn RLC.
Air Despatchers wore the Dakota flashes wherever they were in the world. Unlike other units, until recently, they did not have to wear local formation signs.
The year 2000 saw the 100th anniversary of the formation 47 Company Army Service Corps. The first 47 Company was a Horse Transport Company.
47 Squadron Royal Logistic Corps is the direct descendant of that 47 Company. It is the sole remaining Regular Air Despatch Unit of the British Army.

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