Unit History: 56th Recce Regiment - Royal Armoured Corps

56th Recce Regiment - Royal Armoured Corps
Formed 8 January 1941 as 56th (London) [Divisional] Battalion Reconnaissance Corps, being redesignated 56th (London) [Divisional] Regiment Reconnaissance Corps on 6 June 1942. From 1 January 1944 onwards it was part of the Royal Armoured Corps as: 56th (London) Reconnaissance Regiment, RAC.
Commanding Officer
08.01.1941     Lt.Col. N.F.V. Hamilton
03.06.1941     Lt.Col. K.G.F. Chavasse
07.03.1945     Lt.Col. R.W.M.R. Hartland-Mahon
Served under
56th (London) Infantry Division     08.01.1941-15.08.1942
78th Infantry Division     01.09.1942-31.08.1945
Landed North Africa Operation Torch
Sicily july 1943 to may 1945

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