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Unit History: London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)

London Regiment (Post Office Rifles)
The Post Office Rifles served with distinction in the Great War. They arrived in France on March 18, 1915. By the end of the war, 1,800 men from the Post Office Rifles would be dead and 4,500 more would be wounded.
After the outbreak of the war, the existing units of the Territorial Force each formed duplicate (or "second line") units. The existing Post Office Rifles was redesignated as the 1/8th Battalion, London Regiment when a second Post Office Rifles battalion, the 2/8th Londons, was formed in September 1914. In 1915 a third line battalion, the 3/8th was formed.
Between them, the three battalions earned 19 battle honours.
At the Battle of Wurst Farm Ridge, in September 1917, the 2/8th lost over half its fighting strength, dead or wounded, but its men were awarded a total of 40 gallantry medals.
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Active From: 1868 - 1921

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