Unit History: Field Ambulance

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Field Ambulance
A field ambulance was designed to take care of injured soldiers temporarily before they could be moved into permenant hospital facilities. They are often designed so they are visible and easily accessible. A mobile medical kit is placed in a normalised container, in case of airborne structure. Field ambulances were used regularly during the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. They now ten to be referred to as ’field hospitals’.

Memories of Field Ambulance

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

cyprus 2field ambulance famgusta in 1956

Written by Cyril Hanson


29th field ambulance Hildesheim in 1951

Written by David Mooney

Anyone out there remembers Hilesheim in those far off days?

30 Field Ambulance B A O R 16 in 1951

Written by gilbert lawrence

I served with this unit from 1951 to 1953 my friends were Edwin Taffy Davies from CWM South Wales and Pete Higginson from Great Harwood in Lancashire.

15th Field Ambulance in 1956

Written by William Sturmey

Training done Crookham R.A.M.C camp
Stationed at15th Field Ambulance, Hobbs Barracks Lingfied Surry
Was in film Dunkirk (Dunkerque) with John Mills and Richard Attelborough, on the shores of Kent
in Suez Canal Campaign in 1956
Friends Arthur Wittaker Guisborough,Brian West Chester, Ron Tredell, Coventry Charle Mathew ???, Pte Winterbottom.

14th Field Ambulance /Munster/Iserlohn in 1950

Written by Brian Waylett

Later transfered to the RAF Rinteln until Demob in 1953. Did training at Crookham Hants and formed the 14 th under Lt Col Pryn also had Lofty ( ex RSM Depot) as Lt QM) In 1952 I was posted to the RAF Hospital after falling fowl of the RSM, who bore a strong resemblence to Rommel, though Rommel was more human

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