Unit History: 2nd Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment

2nd Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment

2nd Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment

Leicestershire Regiment during WW1

2nd Battalion
04.08.1914 Stationed at Ranikhet, India as part of the Garhwal Brigade of the Meerut Division.
12.10.1914 Mobilised for war and landed at Marseilles and engaged in various actions on the Western Front including the Battle of Neuve Chapelle.
17.11.1915 Moved to Alexandria and transferred to the 28th Indian Brigade of the 7th Indian Division.
23.11.1915 Moved to Mesopotamia and engaged in various actions against the Ottoman Empire including; the battles of Shaikh Saad, Kut-al-Amara, the various battles of Sannaiyat, and the capture of Baghdad.
22.01.1918 Moved to Palestine and engaged in various actions against the Turkish army including; the captured of 'North and South Sister' Hills, raid of 'Piffer Ridge', and the Battle of Megiddo.
31.10.1918 Ended the war in Syria, Shaikh Badaur near Tripoli.


Leicestershire Regiment during WW2

WW2 Battalions of the Leicestershire Regiment

By the time the war ended, the Regiment Battalions had served in action in every theatre of the war.

1940 - 1944: Thirteen battalions of the Regiment formed the local Home Guard for the defence of the City and County.

2nd Battalion:

September 1939: The Battalion at the outbreak of war was in Palestine, and engaged in the Arab rebellion. It was formed part of the 16th Infantry Brigade of which it stayed with throughout the war (apart from Crete).

September 1940: It moved to the Western Desert

December 1940: It took part in the “push” of Wavell’s 30,000.

10 December 1940: It was engaged at Sidi Barrani and shortly after again at Bardia, advancing through Buq Buq and Solhuh.

April 1941: It helped start the German advance at Mersa Matruh.

20 May 1941: It took part in the Battle of Crete which lasted for 10 days. It was then evacuated from Egypt.

June 1941: Battalion was part of the 6th Division. It was involved in action against the Vichy French on the Damascus front.

September 1941: The Battalion with the same Division were sent to relieve the Australians at Torbruk.

December 1941: Left the Western Desert.

February 1942: It went to Ceylon

January 1943: The Battalion with the 16th Infantry Brigade rejoined 70th Division (previously named the 6th Div) in India.

August 1943: Became part of Major-General Orde Wingate’s Special Force (the Chindits).

January 1944: The Battalion with the 16th Infantry Brigade marched into Burma from the Ledo Road. It took part with distinction in several battles round Indaw, two hundred miles behind the enemy’s lines.

May 1944: It was flown out of Burma. The Battalion wasn't involved in anymore action.

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