Unit History: Princess of Waless Royal Regiment

Princess of Waless Royal Regiment
The Princess of Waless Royal Regiment was formed in 1992 by an amalgamation of The Queens Regiment and The Royal Hampshire Regiment. It is the proud inheritor of a history extending back to the very earliest beginnings of the British Army. The examples of valour, adherence to duty, and fortitude, continue to inspire the current officers and soldiers of the modern Regiment, who are proud to belong to the oldest and most senior English Regiment of the Line.
Any brief history is complicated by the diverse nature of the Regiments forebears. These are the great line regiments of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Middlesex and Hampshire, which have expanded and contracted in an ever-changing political climate. The names of these regiments have changed over the centuries and have included The Queens Royal Regiment (2nd Foot), The Buffs (3rd Foot), The East Surrey Regiment (31st and 70th Foot), The Royal Sussex Regiment (35th and 107th Foot), The Royal Hampshire Regiment (37th and 67th Foot), The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment (50th and 97th Foot) and The Middlesex Regiment (57th and 77th Foot). This section seeks to link the strands of their history in order to intrigue both the military expert and the layman reader. The narrative concentrates on regular army service, although the contribution of the Militia, Volunteers and Territorials must not be underestimated, both as individual reinforcements and formed units, particularly in the two world wars. The contribution to all ranks by past cadets is also acknowledged.
The Regiment has been represented in virtually every campaign of the British Army and provided a significant contribution to many famous battles. This has included Blenheim, Quebec, Minden, Albuhera, Sobraon, Sevastopol, Gallipoli, Ypres, Kohima, Salerno and many more. In more recent years, the Regiment has helped bring the Cold War to a successful conclusion and was represented in the campaigns in Korea, Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus, Aden, Borneo and Northern Ireland. The inherited traditions of the Princess of Waless Royal Regiment, which include the reputation for courage, endurance, determination, loyalty and good humour, are second to none.

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