Unit History: Cinque Ports Regiment of Local Militia

Cinque Ports Regiment of Local Militia

The cinque ports of Hastings, New Romney, Dover, Hythe and Sandwich along with the towns of Rye and Winchelsea were designed to be the first line of defence against invasion from Europe, under Napoleon.

Combined into a confederation with Folkestone, Brightlingsea, Faversham, Deal, Lydd, Ramsgate, margate and Tenterden.

Several regiments of voluteers were raised from the area from June 1794, including cavalry, Artillery untis were also formed at Deal and Sandown.

Napoleon had threated invasion of England many times and when he made himself emporer of France in 1803 this became a very real threat with reports of an army of up to 110,000 men gathered in Boulogne.
This was a particularly worrying fact- as on a clear day French preperations could be seen via telescope from the Kent coast.

Napoleon never did directly attack the British Isles, but certainly the well trained and enthusiastic militias and the new fortifications along the coast would have deterred any real efforts in this respect.

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