Unit History: 1st Battalion The King's Regiment (VIII/LXIII/XCVI)

1st Battalion The King's Regiment (VIII/LXIII/XCVI)
Began life as 63rd Regiment in 1758 from 2 Battalion of the 8th Regiment.
Later to be Retitled to 63rd West Suffolk Regiment in 1783.
In 1804 a 2nd Battalion was formed but in 1814 was disbanded.
The 63rd West Suffolk Regiment was Restyled into 1st Manchester Regiment in 1881, and in 1900 both the 3rd and 4th Line Battalions were formed but later (1900) disbanded.
1942 saw the Battalion captured in Singapore and the 6th (TA) Battalion was reconstituted as 1st Battalion.
In 1948 the 1st and 2nd Battalions amalgamated to form 1st Battalion the Manchester Regiment(LXIII/XCVI).
1958 saw the birth of this Regiment after
1st Battalion the Manchester Regiment(LXIII/XCVI) amalgamated with The Kings Regiment.

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