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Unit History: RAF Honiley

RAF Honiley
Originally called Ramsey, it was renamed RAF Honiley in August 1941, and used by night fighter squadrons  defending the Midlands during the Second World War:
1456 (Turbinlite) Sqn using the Douglas Havoc
August 1943 to March 1944 - No 63 OTU instructing Airborne Interception techniques with Bristol Beaufighters and Blenheims. Moved to RAF Cranfield
July 1944 to August 1946 - ground units transferred to 26 Signals Group, RAF Bomber Command. Renamed Signals Flying Unit in July 1944, testing new radio equipment. Moved to RAF Watton in August 1946
August 1946 to March 1957 - 605 "County of Warwick" Sqn Royal Auxiliary Air Force equipped with de Havilland Mosquitos and Vampires
August 1946 to March 1957 - 1833 Sqn Royal Naval Reserve with Sea Vampires then Supermarine Attackers.
Like many stations, it collected a station mascot in the from of a Supermarine Spitfire, No. 7240M.
From April 1957, the station was placed on Care and Maintenance until closure
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