Unit History: RAOC Apprentices College

RAOC Apprentices College
Saw the change over to RAOC Apprentice College, the Commanding Officer, Lt Col M MATHEWS RAOC, was in command from 1969 till 1971.
Permanent staff, at that time was;
Adjt - Capt DMM Stobie RAOC
Lieutenant’s Keith WELLHAN, WHITE RAOC,
The Boys remained at Dettingen Barracks, Blackdown, until their final disbandment in 1985. The only change that occurred during that time was a name change, from Junior Leaders Battalion RAOC to “Army Apprentice College RAOC”, this occurred in 1970 and it remained as such under the Commanding Officer Lt Col M L C JIGGENS until it’s final closure on the 31st December1985.
Thereafter, it amalgamated with the RCT and moved to COLERNE near Bath in Wiltshire where it was re-badged “Junior Leaders Regiment RAOC”. The unit continued in that format from 1985 until its final closure in 1992.

Memories of RAOC Apprentices College

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAOC Apprentices College, in 1959

Written by david baxter

The year my life began. Best mates while in training were, Pete Wooley, Jordie Atkinson, Chalky White, Tonie Marsdon, Don Ingham, Gillesby and Pady. The start of a wonderful 3 year service in 16 parachute Brigade. Where I made great running companions and friends of Ron Thornton, Scouse (J.E.) Lynam, Roy B.J.A.)M. Ginlay and Noel E. Fletcher. 1964 to 67. 3 Commando brigade, OFP,Singapore. Roy A. Heanes was my running companion and Moreen Cox the love of my life.

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