Unit History: HMS Tiger

HMS Tiger

Memories of HMS Tiger

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Tiger shells D/Y crane in 1966

Written by miller keith

Aug.1966 HMS Tiger alongside in Devonport dockyard was testing the for'd 6" gun turret systems. The gun barrels were depressed with a mat on deck under the gun muzzles.The trial involved loading @ testing firing circuits using a dummy shell with no driving band so that it would slide down the barrel @ drop onto the mat.The loading also required a dummy cordite charge to be loaded behind the shell.I was in the Engineers Office when I h eard an almighty bang, I thought "Thats the donkey boiler gone for a burton. Everybody rushed to the upper deck, panic,the dummy had been fired by a LIVE cordite charge.The shell passed between the lower guard rail @ the deck edge,ricocheted of the jetty @ smashed into the underside of a dockyard crane. Fortunately no one was hurt,there was a lot of stern tube twitching amongst the Gunnery dept.The cause was a live cordite charge mixed up with the practice ones.A full enquiry was promised I never saw the result published.

HMS Tiger first deployment in 1976

Written by Phil Tootill

First deployment out to the West Indies, see photograph, wonderful oppos, good runs and plenty of stories.


Written by Alexander (Taff) Reynolds

Whitening my beard and making a white wig to be ’King Neptune’ for Crossing The Line Ceremony.
The production of the "Tiger Rag". I believe it was more popular than the Page 3 Girls in the SUN. (lol). Probably had more truth in it as well.
I have been on two ships involved in salvage operations. The first was HMS ROTHESAY off Aden when the SS CAPTANTONIS ran aground. The second was HMS TIGER when the Tanker ANSON ran into MV CARNATION in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

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