Unit History: 16 Signal Regiment

16 Signal Regiment
The regiment was stationed at Bradbury Barracks Krefeld, Germany.

Memories of 16 Signal Regiment

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

16 signal regiment in 1960

The regt was stationed at Bradbury Barracks Krefeld,Germany.I believe the regt arrived in Krefeld in the late 50s early 60s and stayed there until moving to Elimpt station a few years ago.I think Elimpt used to be RAF Bruggen but I could be mistaken.16 sigs was designated 2,LFC which meant that any signal traffic from War Office to BAOR came through our signal center first.Being a regular,one of my favourite memories is the night one of the comcen ops came roaring into the NAFFI to tell us National servicemen had another six months,Ahh bless them.

16 Signal Regiment in 1960

Written by Barry Lee

My memory is a little vague these days, so please bear with me. I was also serving when the extra 6 months was added because of the Cuba crisid, I had then moved from St Tonis barracks sometime in 1961 to a live station on the Dutch border near wassenburg, It was literally a short walk from the camp gates to the border which we used to cross in our free time ,to go to a little pub on a corner which I have forgotten the name of.
. Across the road from the pub was a snack stall and I used to play chess with the owner who seemed to spend more time in the pub than serving at the stall.
Going back to St tonis My main memory is of the pub we used to call "Black Annies" by the side of the railway line, I also played a lot of snooker in the naffi and went on a summer camp to the Mona dam.
It would be nice to contact someone who was there at the same time with a better memory than mine and I am sure this would trigger a lot more incidents

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