Unit History: Royal Logistic Corps

Royal Logistic Corps
From tanks and ammunition to letters and food, we get the right amount of the right kit to the right people in the right place at the right time - enabling the Army to do its job, and boosting morale along the way.
We fight logistics through to keep the army working, moving and communicating.
The RLC works all over the world, in all conditions:
   * On land, sea and in the air
   * Night and day
   * In rain, shine and snow
   * In mountains, desert, built up areas and jungle terrain
We're also experts at helping, protecting and advising civilians who get caught up in conflicts, natural disasters or any other situation where were needed.
You'll always find the RLC wherever you find the Army. Its our job to get everything set up, keep everything safe and make sure everything runs smoothly - whatever it takes.
The RLC is the largest corps in British army, with over 16,000 soldiers and officers working and operating in regiments of every type. Were proud of what we do, and of each other. In fact, were like one very big family, and we make sure we look after each other.

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