Unit History: RAOC

RAOC formed by the amalgamation of Army Ordanance Corps and the Army Ordnance Department.

Added on 22/12/2009

Memories of RAOC

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

MTSSD, Bordon, Hampshire (RAOC) in 1957

Written by Peter Empringham

C Company, but I would like to hear from anyone who served at Bordon 1957 - 1959 (Group No 57/09)

RAOC 1961- 1983 in 1961

Written by Ivan Quinn

I transferred to RAOC in 1961 and enjoyed a very happy and successful career,leaving in 1983. Despite the fact that I have been a civilian now for over 20 years and had a second career in HM Prison sevice, I still hold dear the memories of my service with 'The Corps'. I also still appreciate the help, guidance and support I received from the officers of the Corps and ofcourse I do not forget the loyalty and support given by the soldiers with who I had the honour to serve. It is common practice for the British Soldier to wish his life away whilst serving and I was no different. But looking back over the years there is no doubt that these were the best times,that 'sense of belonging'just does not exist in any other profession.

WW2 RAOC Hewell Grange Redditch in 1942

Written by Ray Davis

Not really a memory, more of research. Anyone out there serve here during WW2. I live there now and would be interested in any info. Thanks

RAOC 221 BVD Jahore Malaya in 1956


Remember the Suez crisis.We delivered the Goods 1956>59.We had our own Skiffle Group (The Silhouettes)I played the Guitar. Remember Silver City the Tin Huts where other regiments stayed for Jungle training.What about our vehicle depot built on the jap Air strip at Kota. the weekends at the U J Club in Singapore.We were all very close friends.Where are you all?????? Get that E Mail working im'e waiting. 23515427 L/Cpl D Hanwell.1956>59 Ps Don't wait to long Im'e getting on a bit now. (Age that is).

No1 Laundry Platoon, RAOC in 1963

Written by Harold Higgins (Jim )

No1 Laundry Platoon was Formed in late 1963 at Blackdown. As Blackdown was the trg area for the RAOC, We were classed as unsuitables by the trg staff, as most of us had seen a few years service, and had been posted in from abroad. Just to mention a few:- Cassidy,Roe,Cleghorn,Simms,Jones,Sherwood,Foran,Valinder,Sanderson,Lane(Cpl),Lee(Sgt),Whelan,Chadwick,Jinks. Jinks left in 1967/8, Lived near Camberley, Then I heard he'd moved to the coast. It would be nice to hear from any of you,or anyone I've not named named. If I say Jinks & I were the bikers at the time, I'm sure some-one will remember.

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