Unit History: 58th Regiment of Foot

58th Regiment of Foot
The 58th Regiment of Foot was first formed in 1755 during the Seven Years’ War (1754-1763), originally number as the 60th Regiment it was renumber the 58th in 1757 following the disbandment of senior Regiments. In 1782 all British Regiments without Royal titles were awarded county titles in order to aid recruitment from that region therefore the 58th became the 58th (Rutlanshire) Regiment of Foot. The 58th went on to take part in the Great Siege of Gibraltar when Franco/Spanish forces attempted to capture Gibraltar for 3 years and seven months.
The 58th also served in Egypt during the French Revolutionary War (1792-1802) fighting at the Battle of Alexandria and Calabria, it also took part in the Capture of Minorca (1798).  It also served during the Peninsular War fighting at the Battles of Salamanca and Burgos. It on to serve in Australia and took over garrison duties in New South Wales.
The 58th also went on to serve in New Zealand from 1845 during the 1st Maori War (1845-47) and remained in New Zealand until 1858 when over 300 men chose to take their discharge in New Zealand.  The 58th also served in the final stages of Anglo-Zulu War (1879) fighting at the Battle of Ulundi.
In 1881 the Childers Reforms restructured the British army into a network of multi-battalion Regiments, the 58th Regiment of Foot was merged with the 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot to form the Northamptonshire Regiment.  The newly formed Regiment went on to serve North West Frontier Operations 1897-98, Second Boer War (1899 - 1902) and two World Wars.  In 1960 the Regiment was merged with the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment to become the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

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