Unit History: ALFCE

Headquarters Allied Forces Central Europe (HQ AFCENT) was set up in 1953 in Fontainebleau. At its inception HQ AFCENT became responsible for Allied Land Forces Central Europe (ALFCE) which was then a sub-ordinate headquarters to HQ AFCENT. It was also located in Fontainebleau. To this headquarters ALFCE two Army groups were sub-ordinate: the Northern Army Group (Moenchen-Gladbach, Germany) and the Central Army Group (in Seckenheim, later Heidelberg, Germany)
HQ ALFCE was later disbanded and the two Army Groups were then directly sub-ordinate to HQ AFCENT.
As far as the Air Forces were concerned. Under HQ AFCENT you found HQ Allied Air Forces Central Europe (HQ AIRCENT in Fontainebleau, later HQ AAFCE in Ramstein and at present Component Command Air) to which were subordinate the Second Allied Tactical Air Forces (TWOATAF in Moenchen-Gladbach) and the Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force (FOURATAF in Ramstein, Germany). Following the change in the 90’s these two headquarters TWOATAF and FOURATAF were disbanded and only a headquarters RHQ AIRNORTH, later CC AIR remained.
Thanks to PIO JFC HQ Brunssum for this information.

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