Unit History: His Majesty's Royal Regiment of Foot

His Majesty's Royal Regiment of Foot
Formed in 1625 as John Hepburn’s Regiment serving in Denmark and Sweden as part of the Green or Scots Brigade.  Renamed in 1633 as the Royal Regiment of Foot as a Scottish regiment for King Charles I’s Scottish coronation.  In  French service from 1635 to 1662 as Regiment de Hebron [Hepburn],  Regiment de Douglas and Regiment de Dumbarton.
Ranked as 1st regiment of foot on transfer to English service in 1662 but returned to 5 years’ French service later the same year.  In English service during the closing stages of Second Anglo-Dutch War, returning to French service in 1667.
1678 returned to English Establishment.
1. (1625 - 1751)
2. (1686 - 1751)
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