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Unit History: BMH Millbank

BMH Millbank
The Queen Alexandra’s Military Hospital Millbank (QAMH) opened in July 1905. It was situated by the River Thames in SW1 London adjacent to the Tate Gallery. As with other military hospitals built in this era it was constructed to the Nightingale pattern.
Queen Alexandra’s Military Hospital Millbank was officially opened by King Edward VII and his wife Queen Alexandra.
The Army Medical School moved to a temporarily location in London in 1902 from the Royal Victoria Military Hospital Netley and then into Millbank College in 1907.
During World War Two the Muster point for Number 3 British General Hospital (BGH) was at Millbank and their destination was Offranville.
The date of the closure of Queen Alexandra’s Military Hospital Millbank being the 2 April 1977.
The QAMH became a training facility for Laboratory Technicians (Lab Techs) and Doctors for the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). This in turn closed in 2005 and training moved to Portsmouth.
The Tate Gallery hoped to purchase these Grade I and II listed buildings and they were eventually sold off to the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Memories of BMH Millbank

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

BMH Millbank, BMH Millbank, in 1966

Taken in Millbank garden
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Active From: 1905 - 1977

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