Unit History: RAF Murlough Bay

RAF Murlough Bay
The site chosen for RAF Murlough Bay (Rotor code URB) was a green field site on a plateau overlooking the sea one and a half miles south west of Murlough Bay on the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland. An above ground R11 technical block was chosen because of the adverse weather conditions; a prefabricated R8 SECO block would have been the preferred option. Two radars were to be provided, one Type 14 Mk. IX search radar on a gantry and one Type 13 Mk. VII height finder on a plinth. A standby set house was to be located alongside the technical block. The station was to be equipped with six 60A consoles, one 61 console and two video map un its. The proposed completion date for the station was April 1956.
A ’small’ VHF transmitter block with a 90’ tower was to be built at ID191413 with a ’small’ VHF receiver block with a 90’ tower
Type 13 Height Finder (not M/ Bay)
at ID187415 at Crockanore one and a half miles west of the technical site. There were to be no married quarters or camp with personnel being billeted in hotels in Ballycastle.
Despite the large outlay, the station had a very short operational life being reduced to inactive status by 1958.

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