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Unit History: RAF Compton Bassett

RAF Compton Bassett
First opened as an air base in World War I, like RAF Yatesbury it continued operations in the interwar years before again taking on a major role in World War 2. During the Second World War, RAF Yatesbury and RAF Compton Bassett were major Radio and Radar Training Schools, RAF Townsend a satellite landing ground and RAF Cherhill was 27 Group Headquarters Technical Training Command.
After the WW2, it became home of the Number 3 Radio School.
After the station closed in the 1960’s, the housing around the airbase continued to be used after the main base had shut by RAF staff working at RAF Lyneham and other West country RAF bases. In the 1980s the housing was used for United States Air Force personnel stationed at US airbases such as RAF Fairford. The housing has now been sold to private buyers.

Memories of RAF Compton Bassett

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Compton Bassett, in 1959

Written by Neville Fawcett

In my profile photo, taken in CFN Studio, I am 2nd from the right.
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Active From: 1918 - 1960

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