Unit History: HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior

Memories of HMS Warrior

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Hms Warrior/Raf Northwood in 1970

Written by Bill Irving

I met a WRAAF whose name was Joy Cox, she was beautiful and so much fun to be with, she was engaged to be married. But we became great friends, and were like brother and sister, inseperable. I actually fell in love with her, she my first love, and I would have done anything for her, even married her. She went off and got married and that broke my heart. I have tried to find her for years, to see how she is and what she has done with her life. she was my life and I missed her so much. But time is a great healer,, but I still have her photo, and Just Would Love to Know Where She is and doing What?? It would make my days much brighter if I could hear from her just once!!!

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