Unit History: BMH Munster

BMH Munster
BMH Munster was one of several BAOR (British Army On The Rhine) army hospitals in Germany. It is now closed.
The officers in a more comfortable shower room courtesy of an olive grey uniformed Wehrmacht soldier. They had previously been using a bucket with a hole and cold water but in looking around the Countryside found a large building still be guarded by the Germans. The Wehrmacht soldier allowed them to use a building that had a large shower room that had to be lowered to the floor and had chambers leading off which had one way metal pipes and no ventilation. It only dawned on them after their shower that they had used what the Germans may have called a "Decontamination Centre" but in reality was a death camp.

Memories of BMH Munster

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

BMH Munster in 1964

Written by willie irving

Admitted to BMH Munster 10 Dec 64 with bad football injury. Memories are of a very caring and fun loving nursing staff. The nursing care was first class and thanks to the care and treatment I got back to playing football again(only to break the same leg 10 years later).Thanks to Ann Jones, Jenny Jones, Sheila Morris, Cpl Brian...Sister Cavanagh, and of course not forgetting Matron Willie Irving

BMH Munster in 1969

Written by joe (jock) hughes

wastaken to bmh after spending a week in local hospital in bielfield broke my leg great staff there mind u had a mate from the rmps he broke his left leg i broke my right they nearl plasterd the wrong legs on us lol

BMH Munster, in 1966

Visit of Director to hospital

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