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Unit History: RAF Hartford Bridge

RAF Hartford Bridge
The station was opened on 1 November 1942 as RAF Hartford Bridge and it was used throughout the second world war for reconnaissance and defence operations using Spitfires and Mosquitos. It was also the home of the Free French Squadron (Lorraine). A number of important people landed at the airport including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Supreme Allied Commander General Eisenhower and Field Marshal Montgomery.
The station was renamed to RAF Blackbushe on the 18 November 1944 and it became a base for the Dakotas of RAF Transport Command during the 1948 airlift during the Berlin Blockade.
The RAF Station was closed on 15 November 1946 and in February 1947 the airfield became Blackbushe Airport under the control of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
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Active From: 1942 - 1946

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