Unit History: RAF Poling

RAF Poling
RAF Poling was one of the premier radar stations on the south coast plotting high flying enemy aircraft. The Pylons of the Royal Air Force Station (three x 360 ft. and four x 240 ft.) literally dominated the lie of the Sussex downland immediately to the rear of the Technical Site. After hostilities had ceased, Poling was one of only a few of the stations kept operational and was not shut down until long after the war. The station provided low level raid cover for the south coast between Portsmouth and Brighton.

Memories of RAF Poling

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Poling in 1950

Written by 2465258 Field, Raymond

Stationed at R.A.F. Poling, I was there from 1950 to 1952. I was a Radar mechanic working on a 10 centimetric gear. Naval type 277. This was sited at Truleigh Hill. Within the same compound at Truleigh Hill was the navigational system G. This was during the time of the Berlin airlift and was fully operational. Our gear, Naval type 277 was on maintainance only. When I completed my National Service in 1952, McAlpines were making provisions for the G navigational gear to go underground. If anybody is interested I can tell them much more

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