Unit History: TWOATAF

2nd ATAF, formed in 1958, directed NATO air units in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the northern part of Germany. The post of Commander was invested in C in C, RAF Germany. 2 ATAF was disbanded on 30 June 1993, and its role taken over by AIRCENT the next day. While the peacetime headquarters was always at Rheindahlen near Monchengladbach, the war base was just over the border in the Netherlands, at what Warplane, published by Orbis Publishing in 1985, called a ’classified location’.
In Belgium today there are two airbases where airplanes assigned to NATO are stationed. One is Florennes Airbase, the other one is Kleine-Brogel. Kleine-Brogel is a base where F-16s with a nuclear capacity are based. Melsbroek (co-located with the national airport Zaventem) is home to the 15th Air Transport Wing operating C-130’s and a fleet of civilian jets.
In the Netherlands the Soesterberg Air Base, used by the USAFE, was closed after the Cold War, and the 298 and 300 Squadron are to be moved to Gilze-Rijen Air Base. The Leeuwarden Air Base is the home of the annual NATO exercise "Frisian Flag".

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