Unit History: RAF Nocton Hall

RAF Nocton Hall
RAF Nocton Hall was a 740 bed hospital under RAF control from the 1940s until 1984. It was used by civilians and forces personnel until 1984, when it was leased to the USAF as a United States Air Force wartime contingency hospital. During the Gulf War, over 1,300 US medical staff were sent to the Hall and many were billeted at RAF Scampton. Fortunately only 35 casualties had to be treated. In its later days 13 American personnel remained to keep the hospital serviceable. RAF Nocton Hall was handed back to the Her Majesty’s Government by the USAF on 30 September 1995.

Memories of RAF Nocton Hall

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)


Written by jacky jones

My daughter was the last baby to be born at RAF Nocton Hall and it was a painful but a lovely experience. The staff were great and it became a shock when i had my other daughter in a local NHS hospital. I went back when she was 18 and the hospital is all locked up. What a shame and what a waste. All that is left now are memories and a silver spoon given to Amy by Group Captain Davy Crockett.

RAF Nocton Hall in 2005

Written by Lyn Millard

This was my favourite Posting and I have very happy memories of my time there. I had a very good friend called Rose Badham {SACW} and I would love to hear from her. It was at Nocton whilst nursing on Ward 12 that I met my husband, Roy, Who gained some notoriety together with a Warrant Officer, when they were both thrown of the ward for being to noisy! They were then banished to Ward 4 under the strict supervision of Sister McPhail. Happy days and good memories for both Roy and me, When not a patien Roy was stationed just down the road at RAF Digby.

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