Unit History: RAF Weeton

RAF Weeton
Royal Air Force Weeton was opened as the home of No.8 School of Technical Training on 21st May, 1940 and the Fabric Worker, Parachute Packer, Metal Worker, Mechanical Transport Mechanic and Motor Cyclist Courses were transferred there. Between 1st July and 3rd July, 1940, 31 Officers and 754 Men of the Polish Air Force arrived at RAF Weeton, after evacuation from France , followed by a further 358 Polish personnel two days later. In July, 1940, the Fire Fighting School was transferred to RAF Weeton from Cranwell. This may have been a very handy move as on 29th August, 1940 bombs were dropped in the vicinity of the Station, although no damage was reported to have been incurred.  (As the area was mainly open countryside, it meant that the Germans must have been well informed).
In September, 1940, courses for Fitter Armourer and Aero Carpenter began and the trainees at Weeton assisted in the manufacture of Hurricane and Spitfire parts for the Ministry of Aircraft Production. In December, 1940, the Mechanical Transport School , which had previously been located at No.3 Technical Training School, Blackpool , moved to RAF Weeton and in December, 1941, the M.T. Instructor Course commenced.
Between August, 1940 and August, 1942, a total of 41,863 personnel successfully passed out  from RAF Weeton, including MT Mechanics, Blacksmiths, Motor-cyclists, Drivers, Crane Operators and Cooks, to name only a few of the diverse trades in which courses were available there. Between September, 1941 and March, 1942, the average personnel strength of the Station was approximately 9,000.
In August, 1943, the Fire Fighting School left RAF Weeton for RAF Sutton-on-Hull and September, 1943, saw the arrival of the R.A.F. Police School , which remained there until moving to RAF Great Sampford in January, 1946. In August, 1950, No. 9 School of Recruit Training was formed as a lodger unit at RAF Weeton and subsequently left RAF Weeton in July, 1952. In September, 1950, the Hospital, on a separate site, which had been there since the opening of RAF Weeton, became separately established as a lodger unit and came under the Control of H.Q. No. 63 Group.
In November, 1954, No. 2 Police District H.Q. moved to RAF Weeton and in November, 1958, RAF Weeton became the parent Station to RAF Warton, taking over the responsibility for No. 29 Recruit Centre at Preston and the Air Traffic Control Unit, Preston .
In July, 1959, No. 2 Police District H.Q. left RAF Weeton and in November the Station Entertainment Centre was opened. On 31st December, 1959 the Hospital was closed.
RAF Weeton was home to No 8 School of Technical Training from 21 May 1940 to 30 Sep 1965. It ran conversion courses for Flight Mechanics and Flight Riggers, and there were many instructional airframes on the ground to practice on.
It was also home to Fire and Rescue Training Unit from July 1940 to 1943
Royal Air Force Weeton ceased as an RAF unit some time after 1970.

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