Unit History: RAF Quedgeley

RAF Quedgeley
RAF Quedgeley opened as 7 MU on 14 April 1939. There was originally an HQ Site plus five dispersed sites and in 1943 another site was added. HQ Site, Sites 1, 5 and 7 were built on the site of the WWI National Filling Factory No.5.
On land to the East of the village of Quedgeley, just outside the city of Gloucester was a large site known to many as RAF Quedgeley or to give it its official name, Number. 7 Maintenance Unit, RAF Quedgeley whose Motto was ’Omnibus Ubique Servimus’ - ’We Serve All, Everywhere’. The No 7 Maintenance Unit, Royal Air Force Quedgeley, originally consisted of 8 different sites, occupying some 574 hectare’s of land, from the McDonalds on the roundabout at the bottom of the A38 bypass, to the Cole Avenue lights complex at its start. With several large sites on both sides of the road it had some two million square feet of covered storage and workshop area.
It finally closed as an independent RAF unit on 13 February 1995.

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