Unit History: Shropshire Yeomanry

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Shropshire Yeomanry
The Shropshire Yeomanry dates its origins to the French wars of 1793-1815. When volunteer cavalry units were raised throughout the country. They date their origins to the raising of the Wellington Troop in 1795. From 1814 the units had been clothed and trained as "Dragoons" (mounted infantry). It was to prove a fortunate upbringing because the failure of the Regular Army to contain the Boer forces in the South African Campaign caused the Volunteer Cavalry to be called for overseas service in 1900. Volunteers from the Regiment formed the 13th (Shropshire) Company of the 5th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry. Three contingents of 13/5 served in South Africa, earning the first Shropshire Yeomanry battle-honour, South Africa 1900-1902.

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