Unit History: Junior Regiment Royal Signals

Junior Regiment Royal Signals

Added on 05/03/2010

In April 1957 the Junior Leaders Regiment (JLR), Royal Corps of Signals was formed at Rawlinson Barracks (later renamed Denbury Camp), Newton Abbot, South Devon, England, from the 6th (Boys) Training Regiment, Royal Corps of Signals, who were relocated to Newton Abbot in September 1955.
A boy could join the Junior Leaders straight from school at the age of 15, and graduate at seventeen and a half years old into adult service. Boys from Northern Ireland could join at 14 years old, which was the school leaving age in Northern Ireland at that time. - Joining the Junior Leaders Regiment provided a Boy with a unique opportunity to find his feet in the Regular Army and to develop his own character, personality and powers of leadership.
The Aims of the Junior Leaders Regiment were to further a JL’s education and train young soldiers to become tradesmen and future Senior Non-commissioned Officers (SNCOs), Warrant Officers and Commissioned Officers in the Royal Corps of Signals.

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