Unit History: RAF Brizlee Wood

RAF Brizlee Wood

Added on 07/12/2010

RAF Brizlee Wood 1968/9, was a NATO forward Scatter Unit, run by the RAF Trade Group 2 (L Tech GC types ) with RAF Warrant Officer as Officer Commanding. Around mid/late 1969 the Army, Royal signals, took over. The unit was part of the NATO ACE HIGH Chain, which covered Scandinavia/Europe.
The main visible feature of the unit was the four 22meter diameter dish antennae, looming over the site. The site was on land owned by the Duke of Northumberland, about four miles west of Alwick in Northumberland.
In RAF days the personnel lived at RAF Boulmer - about 4 or 5 miles east of Alnwick, the domestic site being in/bnear the village of Longhoughton and close to Boulmer Haven ( a small fishing village ) on the Northumbrian coast.
In RAF days the staff were Warrant Officer o/c, five Chief Techs, 5 sergeants, and a civilian cleaner.

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