Unit History: HMAS Sydney

HMAS Sydney
Five ships have bore the name Sydney,the first ( 1913 - 1928 ) a Chatham class Light Cruiser, took part in Australia’s first ship on ship sea battle, Battle of Cocos.
The second, commission in 1935, was originally a Amphion Class Light Crusier, HMS Phaeton, sold to the RAN and sunk with all hands in 1941 - the largest vessel sank with all hands lost during the second world war.
Her wreck was discovered in 2008, and is treated as a war grave.
The Third Sydney was a Majestic Class light aircraft carrier ( 1944 - 1973 ), the RAN’s first conventional carrier. She served in Korea and Vietnam, where she served as a fast troop ship.
Sold off for scrap in 1975.
The fourth Sydney is an Adelaide class guided missile frigate. Commissioned in 1983, she is still in active service.
The proposed fifth HMAS Sydney, is projected to be commissioned for service in 2014, a Hobart class destroyer.

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