Unit History: RAF Police Dog Demonstration Team

RAF Police Dog Demonstration Team
In 1949, the RAF Police Dog Demonstration Team appeared for the first time at the Royal Tournament in London and became an instant public success. In 1957 the first annual RAF Police Dog Championship Trials were held at Netheravon and in 1969 the Dog Demonstration Team covered 8,000 miles around the USA and Canada, giving 65 public performances in 23 cities, becoming a firm favourite at every venue. The RAF began training dogs to detect illicit drugs in 1970 and since 1971 RAF Police dogs on loan to HM Customs & Excise have recovered illicit drugs worth many millions of pounds and are a significant deterrent to smugglers. Dogs were later successfully trained to detect firearms and explosives.
whenever the RAF Police Dog Demonstration Team appeared in public, as they frequently did around the country, the shows were always very well attended and that in itself proved to be one of the organisations’ best public relations exercises.
Sadly after forty-five years, during which millions of people had been trilled and excited by their spectacular and professional public performances, the RAF Police Dog Demonstration Team, under the final command of Flying Officer Tracey Flett, was finally disbanded on the 18th September 1994.

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