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Unit History: British Defence Liaison Staff (BDLS) Canberra

British Defence Liaison Staff (BDLS) Canberra
For more than a century, British military staff have built a close working relationship with our Australian counterparts through personnel exchanges, technology research, combined operations, procurement, training and intelligence collection.
The British Defence Liaison Staff (BDLS) is the diplomatic arm of the Ministry of Defence.  BDLS in Canberra is headed by the Defence and Naval Adviser Brigadier Jeremy Robbins MBE Royal Marines; the Military and Air Adviser is Colonel Roger Hooper.
The British Defence Research and Support Staff (BDRSS) forms part of the scientific research and development staff within the Ministry of Defence. Its primary role is to facilitate defence research between the UK and Australia. Based within the Australian Department of Defence, BDRSS is part of the British High Commission

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