Unit History: Army Educational Centre (AEC)

Army Educational Centre (AEC)
10 Army Education Centre
Army Learning Centre (ALC) The ALC is a great resource for the use of everyone, including dependants.  They offer short on-line courses, many of which are free, in Basic Skills, Information and Communication Technology, business and management, and languages.  The centre also provides free access to computers and the internet.
Command, Leadership & Management (CLM) Taught by military instructors, the CLM programme is aimed at all NCOs and WOs on promotion to Cpl, Sgt, and WO2.  It is a developmental programme designed to build on experience gained to date. It is delivered in two parts – one here, and one within the relevant arm or service.
Educational Development Wing (EDW) The EDW is run by dedicated civilian instructors who specialise in developing literacy and numeracy skills and in the identification and management of dyslexia.  They run regular group and one-to-one lessons in these areas.
Resettlement All service personnel are able to use the services provided by the Individual Education and Resettlement Officer (IERO) at 10 AEC.  Everyone is entitled to advice at any stage of their career.  The IERO He can advise on options after the Army and explain what resources you are entitled to in areas such as housing and pensions.
Library The library provides access to books, journals and other resources through the Army Library Service.  The library also allows free access to computers and the internet, which you are free to use, even if you just wish to access your emails or surf the net.
Officer Education Our resident Officer Tutor delivers promotion courses to junior officers.  The Junior Officer Leadership Programme (JOLP) deals with leadership and management theory, and allows students to reflect on their experience to date.  The Military Analysis (MA) programme comprises three separate week courses analysing defence issues in depth.  More details....
Drumbeat Drumbeat is the TidNBul Garrison newsletter, where you can find out what is going on in the area from month to month, including contact details for 10 AEC, and details of course dates.

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