Unit History: JSMRU Chessington

JSMRU Chessington

Added on 19/07/2010

JSMRU CHESSINGTON  started life as RAF CHESSINGTON. During the war it was a barrage ballon unut (anecdotal) and then became a transport unit.
At some time I beleive in the 70s it became a Rehab unit for injured service men.
It was divided into two sections.
1. The largest area was for Junior ranks with back and upper and lower limb problems.
2. The Head Injury rehab unit for all ranks.
I think I cvan safely say that this was the first of its kind in the world.
Sqd. Ldr. Chris Evans wrote the definitive book on Head Injury Rehab. Where his team went others followed.
As I and others who served on the Unit we were proud of our successes. The regime for the patients was tough, with a very hard regime, but it worked!!!!
Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy started at 0830 and finished at 1700. In 1979 the regime changed in that the Nursing Staff became involved in the therapy and the rehab stopped when the patient slept.
I would like to add that on of the Physiotherapists at the time Joy Hill who worked on the Head Injury unit before I arrived in 1978 is still invilved in the rehabilitation of injured service men and women. Joy is working at Headley Court working with amputees from Afghanistan. If any one deserves an OBE she does

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